DEVONagent for searching scientific websites for PDFs

Hi, I’m thinking of getting DEVONThink and DEVONagent to enhance my scientific workflow. There seems to be a number of questions on the forums regarding accessing journal databases that are restricted, such as Web of Science. On the other hand, the DEVONagent website says

“Research in scientific databases using DEVONagent and create scheduled searches to grab up-to-the-minute news and information in your research and teaching areas. Clip and collect data in DEVONthink; its AI helps you sort in new items quickly. Finally, write your papers and send by email to your students.”

Are there folks out there that are able to grab journal article PDFs from restricted sites (in my case I can get to many as long as my IP address is from my university)? Or are there workarounds that some of you use?


Restricted websites require usually customized plug-ins. Do you have to login or is only the IP checked?

It seems only the IP is checked. For instance, I can access Web of Science currently, even though I am out of town, because I am logged in through my campus VPN server.

Are there any other scientists out there that use DEVONagent for finding papers?

@bbob: I thought about using DTP to search for journal articles at Web sites. I switched to Papers instead. It is dedicated to the task. AFAIK, other citation apps should be able to do the same.

My only suggestion when you really want to do this in DTP is to ask for a follow up to the thread on the use of EZProxy in DTP.

You would then be able to go through your university directly to access anything they provide. The issues that remain are likely things like “How do I get this link to download the PDF to DTP directly” or “How do I get this PDF to import with all the fields compiled for me (author, abstract …)”. The better option that I have again found is just to use a dedicated citation database app.

To search the citations, point DTP to index the folder where you store your PDFs. This will allow you to carry out the searches you may need.

ps – I am not familiar with DEVONagent. Perhaps it does/could support EZProxy as one of its search protocols?


Thanks JJW!