DEVONagent giving up too soon


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I’ve been trying to do DEVONagent searches from DevonThink Server databases. There doesn’t seem too much time for logging in, because timeout comes every time
and nothing is found. When error message is double-clicked, then browser window opens and it is possible to log in. But this does not happen when the search is running.

It would be nice, if one could search both internet and databases at the same time and see all results together. Now you have to do same search twice, database search on different window.

Maybe there is some logic for this behaviour? What is the expected workflow? Please enlighten me.

Henry T

Did you launch DEVONthink Server and then start the the web server before actually searching via DEVONagent? Does DEVONagent have sufficient permissions (see Preferences > Server of DEVONthink 3)?

Yes, that’s what I did. Read permissions for every database, and databases are all open in DevonThink 3 Server.

And the URLs shown in the Log can be successfully opened in e.g. Safari? Or do you use a different URL to access the web server via the browser?

The URLs are copied from DevonThink Server. No other URLs. They open in Safari and in DEVONagent browser. But double-clicking the log error is needed to get the search results.

And is the server running on the same machine or a different one in the local network?

On the same machine.

Which version of DEVONagent, DEVONthink and macOS do you use?

DEVONthink 3 Server 3.9.2, DEVONagent Pro 3.11.7, macOS Monterey 12.6.8.

I got a failure to search DEVONthink Server.
The URL oddly is listed as .lan, not .local. e.g., https://DEVONagent:myPassword@andromedax.lan:65500/search?q=manual&w=0&start=0&num=50. When I change it to .local, I get a prompt about the certificate.

After quitting and relaunching, the .local persisted and it’s prompting my about the certificate in the browser but won’t accept it.

Is this URL shown in Preferences > Server? Most likely this URL was returned by Bonjour or your router, neither DEVONthink nor DEVONagent would create .lan URLs on their own.

No. It was the URL shown in the address bar of a DEVONagent browser window.

The old solution doesn’t seem to be compatible to the latest macOS releases anymore, the next release will fix this.