DEVONagent Lite won't launch, gives no error message

I just downloaded DEVONagent Lite to try. I’m on a 16" MacBook Pro M1 Pro with Monterey 12.6.

On first launch attempt, I got the expected alert that this is an app downloaded from the Internet, do I still want to launch it. I said yes, the alert retired, and nothing happened. I have now repeatedly attempted to launch it from the Finder, and again, nothing happens.

It occurred to me that I might have clicked the wrong button on the launch alert, but if so, I would expect that a right-click on the app in the Finder would show something other than a simple “Open” as the first item in the popup menu.

Any ideas on what’s wrong, and what I should do to recover?

Problem solved.

DEVONagent’s menubar icon was hidden by Bartender. I had just installed Bartender an hour before, and am not sufficiently familiar with its operation and configuration.

You can change where new menu bar apps appear in Bartender’s preferences. I let them show up on the left of all previous installed (unhidden) apps so I can immediately see that there’s something new.

Glad to hear you got it resolved. You also may want to examine your menubar and see if there are apps who’s menubar icon is optional and determine if it’s needed.

Thanks for the tip. Before your tip it wasn’t obvious to me that the new item location control was actually a control. I thought it was merely informative, and its full impact didn’t register. It was, of course, particularly significant for DEVONagent, which is otherwise faceless.

Yes, I have managed my menu bar icons carefully for years, but the ones I want barely fit on my 27" monitor with Apple’s new wider spacing. Even with Bartender’s most compact spacing, they still don’t fit when I use my laptop standalone (My aging eyes can’t see it at high enough resolution).

Apple’s menubar decision is a complete disaster for my uses. After much "DuckDuckGo"ing (that’s terribly awkward as a verb compared to “googling”), I discovered that Bartender is the only known way to shrink those gaps.