DEVONagent Newbie - Find PDFs

Good day everyone.

I’m a beginning user of DEVONagent and I have DEVONthink Pro Office too. I’m just beginning to engage the learning curve so I’m very grateful there’s a community to reach out to.

My question relates, I think, to DEVONagent.

A website that I use has PDF resources scattered throughout it and I’d like to download all the PDFs on the the site so I can get them into DEVONthink and have a good, searchable resource to use. What is my best strategy for dealing with this?

Thank you in advance for your time.


The best option is probably DEVONthink’s download manager. E.g. choose File > Import > Website…, then enter the desired the URL. Afterwards choose “Options…” in the contextual or action menu of the download manager, enable only “Office & PDF documents” and follow links on the same host.

Thank you. I’ll try that.


Thank you for this answer, I’m a new user also and am looking to achieve the same function.

Hej there,
i´m also new in DA.
I have tried the above example and tried to adapt it to my needs.
But i got tenthousends and more results… Not good…
I tried and would like to collect only articles and PDF´s that deal with diabetes. I don´t know how to define a search for that, cause i don´t know how to filter “diabetes”.
Does someone may give me an example for this case?
Maybe i am able to redefine that for other purposes…

Thanks in advance.
Best regards

You could e.g. use the Google (PDF) plugin and the search term “diabetes”

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Thanks… will try that in the evening… :slight_smile: