devonagent-plugins @ GitHub

I think it’s time to formally introduce (under its own topic) a plugin set because I’m getting so much quality use from it as it continues to grow.

Here’s the current list of plugins…

CocoaDev (
Delicious (
GitHub Code Search (
OpenRadar (
Stack Overflow (
Twitter (

Stack Overflow is actually two plugins and wants to be included together in any given search set. GitHub Code Search has shown to be incredibly powerful. Loving it!

Please fork the plugins, contribute to the plugins, tell me what I’m doing wrong so I can make them better, or if they’ve helped you I’d love to know that too!

Thanks to all the folks at DEVONtechnologies for creating the best research tools on the Mac of course :smiley: I seriously don’t know what I would do without DEVONagent.

devonagent-plugins @ GitHub:

Just a small update to say I’ve added interfaces to RFC Search and Similar Artists as DA plugins at same repository.


what should be in:


for whatever reason, i apparently do it wrong because i always only get 3 or 4 items back :wink:


These values should contain the HTML code snippets defining the start/end of the text/link range.

figures :wink:
then i do something wrong. is there a way to change a plugin without closing DA?

Not yet but the final v2.5 release will support this.

Had a lot of success in searches with a new plugin I added to my devonagent plug-ins repository at GitHub. Worth a look. Improvements on any and all of the plug-in’s hosted there are always welcome!

Just wanted to give the forum members a heads-up in case you are not currently following that repository on GitHub.