DEVONagent Pro as a first browser

Hi everyone!

I want to know if you think if there is a good idea to use DEVONagent Pro as first browser instead Safari.

I would like to use only one browser but I if use only DEVONagent Pro;

What happens with my passwords (I’m using 1 Password)?.

When I need to browse internet from iPhone or iPad I can add bookmarks to DEVONagent Pro?.

Much thanks!

No, you can’t use 1Password with DEVONagent, nor can you add Bookmarks to DEVONagent from an iOS device.


Where passwords are stored in DEVONagent Pro?

So for example if I use DEVONagent Pro with the safari bookmarks, it will be automatically updated when I ad a new bookmark into safari?

Passwords aren’t stored in DEVONagent Pro.

No. There is no direct connection between the browsers.

Ok so I will use to both browsers.

Thanks a lot for the quickly support BLUEFROG!

No problem.