DEVONagent Pro not showing any results

Hi !

I’d like some help with DevonAgent Pro:
My purpose is to perform regular searches: different lists with some specific keywords or names through different sites (about 8 or 10).

Listing 1
(item1 OR item2 OR “another item”) on site1+site2+site3
Listing 2
(item3 OR item4 OR “something else”) on site1+site2+site3

I’m lost because nothing seems to work! I can’t catch satisfying results, or even most of the time any results ! (i tried to be the less restricting in the settings to hope to obtain something!)

I performed researches where there are no doubts existing results, but DevonAgent Pro doesn’t find anything…

Do i have to enter the generic URL (like “”) or the URL resulting of the search already performed (like “”)

What’s the difference between the 2 different windows ? (the first one appearing after lauching a research, and the secondary when clicked one line on the first one), what are their different purposes and differences?

I watched the video tutorial carefully, and also read the in-app help chapters.

And something else:

Can’t understand why, performing a basic random research, with the google plugin, it doesn’t catch anything!. no results at all…
When i copy and paste the query directly in google, it worked although…!

Thanks by advance for your help!

Did you check the Log of the search window? In addition, did you add on site1+site2+site3 to the search term?

This can’t work as DEVONagent is looking exactly for all these terms (as they’re not part of DEVONagent’s search syntax which is identical to the one of DEVONthink & DEVONsphere Express, see documentation of all these apps).

You’d have to use the site:... syntax instead.

The “Log” says “no match” (“aucune correspondance”, in french).
But there are matches that exist…
in the “Sites” panel, I’ve added the different sites I want DA to perform the research, yes.
I don’t understand if you have to check something in the plugins ALSO? or if it’s another way of searching. ((Anyway, I’ve tried it with a plug-in checked or unchecked, and the result is the same: no results).)
And if so, do I have to create a search plugin myself, based on the sites I’m interested in? It’s not clear.

See above, it’s most likely an issue of the used syntax. DEVONagent is not just a simple frontend for Google, DEVONagent matches the pages on its own using enabled filters, scanners and the search term.

But the Web (Express) plug-in doesn’t match results and just presents them instead, maybe that’s more suitable for your query.

Thank you, but I don’t understand:
i watched the tutorials and read the manual:
Basically, I just used (term1 OR term2) in the query. Then set the sites i’m interested to search in. Is there something wrong doing as simply as this? Thanks again!

It’s still unclear what you did, a detailed step-by-step description and/or screenshots would be useful.

here are the captures of my search settings, and the result:

Note that I also tried, in the “sites” tab, to enter the specific URL of a search already performed with the terms I was interested in (rather than the generic url of the site as in this example).
And I also tried many other searches, with other terms and other websites, and checking different options in the settings.

Use Search not Crawl in the Sites tab. And as I mentioned in your support ticket, Google can suspend your activity temporarily if you’re doing many searches in quick succession.

Thanks for your help!
I quickly tried “search” instead of “crawl” (I’d looked it up in the help or manual but didn’t understand the difference at all, to be honest).
And some results did appear, indeed, and I’m going to try this out in more detail.

In addition, can I ask you this question again?:

What’s the difference between these 2 different windows, I’m confused:

the first one appearing after lauching a research:

and the secondary when clicked one line on the first one):

what are their different purposes and differences?

Which version of DEVONagent do you use? The left pane shouldn’t look like that.

It’s DEVONagent Pro Edition 3.11.7.
Apparently, up to date (?)…

The first is the Digest containing summaries based on matched and related terms.

The second is a DEVONagent browser window, with the same basic functions as your normal web browser.