Devonagent Pro usage example library?

As a newbie to Devonagent Pro, I’m having trouble finding a comprehensive list of search examples from which to learn. Ideally, a series of “if I wanted to search for X, here is how I would set up the Devonagent query” with a variety of approaches involving the booleans and construction of search sets. Is there such a collection of examples I could study?

Perhaps a series off user-contributed example workflows that people have found helpful?

I have been unsuccessful finding this so far, but I’m sure there must be a good resource somewhere…

thank you for the help

There are a dozen or so tutorials available in Help > Tutorials (and online here).

Have you read the Manual (or Help – pretty much the same thing)?

Are these resources not helpful?

There’s really no specific workflow for using DEVONagent – it’s going to be important for you to think about what your search/research use cases are.

Yes I’ve taken a look at the help and documentation, and tutorial videos.
What I’m looking for is some specific examples for query structures and search sets for a few things I’d like to do:

  1. patent searching. If I want to search the USPTO, I can go to the USPTO advanced search page here:
    and I can type something like:
    ttl/(tennis and (racquet or racket)) and (IN/Trieu$ or IN/Cook$)
    which will return 2 patents.
    How can I run a similar search to this in DevonAgent? Can it automatically download the PDF version of the patents to look at?

  2. searching subscription-only journal articles. I want to search the Audio Engineering Society journal which can be found at
    I have a set of credentials to log in there. How can i set up a devonagent search to use that site and retrieve the PDF papers I’m looking for? it would have to log in automatically.
    Here is a non-paywall version which functions the same way for reference but will not allow download of the PDF files without paying:

  3. Where is the “user-contributed search sets” for others to peruse? Is there such a repository? Since it’s possible to export search sets so easily, I assume there is somewhere that people are sharing them online.


Great questions – I’d be very interested in the answers too.

No. 3 user-contributed search sets: I do not know if such a thing exists, I suspect not but what a great idea! Perhaps a new board?