DevonAgent "See Also" should work like "See Also" in DTP

The UI for the See Also feature is much more usable (for me at least) in DTP than in DA:

  • In DTP, the list of related documents stays linked to the original document that you started the “See Also” exploration from. This lets you quickly review all the documents that DTP thinks are related

  • In DA, though, the list of related documents updates every time you click on one of the items in the See Also list, so that you get taken further away from your original document. If you want to check out the documents related to your starting point, you have to keep backing up to it and have to remember which doc you’d got to in the list.

To my mind the DTP implementation is far superior and I’d like to have it in DA too please!

When I use “See Also” (say, in Three Panes view) the original document renames selected in the top pane, and the previews of the See Also results appear in the preview pane. I can always go back to the “original”. If I want to delve into See Also for one of the first group of suggestions, then I select that suggestion in the See Also panel and choose “Open” to view it in another window – where I can launch See Also for that document. And on and on to any depth I want. The “original” is always selected in the original window.

If however, I want to change the focus away from the “original” all I do is use the Reveal command on one of the “See Also” suggestions for the “original” and the display now shifts to that document.

IOW, I cannot reproduce the OP’s description of using See Also for DEVONthink.

IOW, I cannot reproduce the OP’s description of using See Also for DEVONthink.

Perhaps I didn’t explain it very clearly. When I’m in the 3 panes view in DTP, I have a document selected in the top pane and it’s previewed below.

If I know move over to the See Also pane (fly-out drawer), there is a list of related documents. If I select one of the documents in the list, this document is previewed but (crucially for me) the list of documents shown under See Also doesn’t change to reflect what’s previewed, but continues to be based on the original document.

This is the behaviour that I want, for reasons explained above. In any case, there’s no reason I can understand for the same feature to behave differently in the two programs.

I believe you are both describing the same behavior in DEVONthink, but what the OP is reporting is that the See Also list of documents in DEVONagent does not behave the same as it does in DEVONthink. Selecting one of the See Also documents in DEVONthink just previews the document-the list in the See Also drawer remains the same. With DEVONagent, selecting one of the See Also documents in the list not only previews the document, it also refreshes the See Also list so that the results are relative to the currently selected document, not the original document. I too do not understand why the apps behave differently, and I prefer DEVONthink’s behavior.

The best way to handle this in my experience is to command-click on the results in the right – that will at least open them in their own tab.