Devonagent smart group

I’m using DTP and a long time ago I set up a DevonAgent Smart Group with old Search Set data. I’ve forgotten how to use this smart group so it sits with old data, dah.
I’d like to delete the old data, and have this DevonAgent Smart Group keep current search set data.
(I guess I need to understand the link between Agent and this DT smart group.)
Then if possible delete results after x amount of time if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

A screenshot would be useful as DEVONagent doesn’t support smart groups.

The DTA smart group is in DTP. Please see attached screenshot.

Hi, To give more information on the issue: The attached screenshot above is of DT and the focus is on the DA smart group with the green icon. My wish is for my DA search set data to load into that DT smart group. The current data in the folder is old and I can’t edit it.

This is a group with a customized icon, created by the “File results in DEVONthink Pro” script (see Window > Search Sets > Actions > Execute Script). Therefore just enable this script in your search set.

Thanks. Just to confirm are you referring to path, Search Sets/Actions/Execute Script/File results in DevonThink?

No, to the menu item Window > Search Sets of DEVONagent Pro, then select the “Actions” tab and choose the “Execute script” option.

This is the option…

Thank you. I think I got it.

I’d like to learn more about scripts. Where is a good place to begin?

The best place for Applescript info isi
There are some books available but I’ve never read one so I can’t tell you any names.
Also, check out the Scripting section of our Forums for info more specific to scripting our apps.
Have fun! :smiley:

Thank you.