DevonAgent to open and scan zip archives

I’ve started a new job recently where I deal with high volume of disparate and non interlinked databases.
The issue here is mainly that I have several tools, database frontends and Excel-sourced information which need to be pulled together manually.
I’m curious if DA could help me here - a question that comes up for instance: Can I use DA to create this workflow:

  1. Download newest .zip from a filer via a given URL.
  2. unpack that zip file (xls) and check for defined contents (textfields) in excel?
    (at least having the data unpacked and imported into DT automatically would help too)

Other question - can DA help me to work with Database frontends? I assume not as the db query will be given to a script rather than in a url. Not sure if that makes sense - any hints are welcome.
Regards, Branko

At least the first two steps should be scriptable, the last one probably too if Excel is installed on the computer.

What kind of database/frontend do you have in mind?

Finally, this thread might be useful too: