Devonagent vs Wolfram_Alpha

Maybe it’s a sensitiv question.
I hope I have not forbidden thoughts.
DT say that Devonagent base on artificial intelligence. Wolfram Alpha must have the same base. Is that right ?
So, have DT a look to the competitor ?
Wolfram is a good company in IT, I think.
DT also :wink:

I have discuss with other DA user. Many user say that they don’t understand not exactly the workflow of DA with AI and the results in diagrams.


My impression is that this will be kind of a knowledge base or expert system containing only the knowledge entered by their stuff. And “natural language processing” is used as the frontend. Is this artificial intelligence? Problably in some way or the other. But is this also a search engine in the common sense, suitable for the huge amount of junk out there in the Internet? I don’t think so.

I know
It’s from a big institute with many many people …
Most “natural language simple question” give not or wrong answers or the system say -> Sorry …
I think AI is not so simple and this is the crux of csail, DA or Wolfram_Alpha.
So I think wolfram must do a better job as the developer of the common search machines.
Today I saw the video in www of Wolfram_Alpha but without details. There is a info that the results will come with graphic. Maybe the same like DA ?
So we must wait until we can test it.
Most people use the normal search machine like google. Why ? -> It’s simple.

But if there is a better search machine the people would use it.

DEVONagent is very complicated (for me), there are lot of preferences, search sets … I admit I use DA not so often. The results sometimes not clear and the overview with bubbles, lines not so clear (for me and other friends). I have not understand the work of DA. I cannot declare the workflow other people. Sometimes say DT should explain the AI of DA better if that is the relevant base of DA.

A question about DA.
Is this application so programmable ( in future) that it learn on base of handling of user.

Jochen (.de)

That’s not easy without knowing the user and therefore…

…this idea has been on my list for years but there’s been no time yet.

Hey great :wink:
This sad SW also by presentation of his new search machine. I mean -> “on list for years”
Now he has it realized. We will see :wink: