devonbot crashes, MAS version versus direct download?

My reason for even being interested is that being able to search all my dtdbs is really appealing!

I got the version on MAS at some point. I don’t know what I paid, or if I even did. There is a direct version that appears to have a newer release/version, but I suspect I would buy a license for that too,

Is this software still on the table? I get a lot of background crashes of the 'bot processes and incessant hand waving for access to my email certs but before I submit reports I’m just curious what the plan with this software is.

My databases live on a local zfs pool and I don’t know how well behaved sphere will be in that environment.

This is not normal behavior (the software, not you. Well… :mrgreen: ) Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

The only task of some of the background processes is to catch crashes caused by third-party code or OS X so that DEVONsphere Express doesn’t crash. However, by default these crashes shouldn’t be displayed by OS X.