Devonnote 2.10.2-Depreciating? (BLOOPER CORRECTION)

Using Go64 to check 32 bit apps (, discovered that within Devonnote 2.10.2 is a 32 bit app (Devonthink Helper 32). Is it possible to remove this file and still have full operational usage? If not, does this mean the end of Devonnote?

I completely understand if this is the case. Love DT3 beta and will always use it and companion apps.

MTIA. (many thanks in advance)

NOTE: This file ALSO appears in DT3 as Devonthink3helper32.


  1. DEVONnote has been laid to rest.
  2. DEVONthinkhelper32 is included as we support back to macOS 10.10 Yosemite. There is no issue with this, but it may be removed in the future. Development would have to respond on specifics.

Many thanks for the information and clarification!!

You’re welcome :blush:

Does “laid to rest” mean that it will not work on OSX Catalina when it comes out?

Bummed if true. All I use DEVONnote for is to keep track of my STUFF! I enjoy the .RTF files that are stored. And Time Machine (and Robocopy) will only backup those that have changed. Concerned that DEVONthink will be backing up the entire database if anything has changed.

Can you enlighten me on this? Or point me to a place I could find more information?

I’ve tested this. DEVONnote works on Catalina (10.15 beta 8), so in the first public release of Catalina I would expect that it would also be working. (I did not test all features of DEVONnote on Catalina – I never use it, so YMMV.) If I understand Jim’s comments, don’t expect support or any more releases.

If I understand Jim’s comments, don’t expect support or any more releases.

@korm is correct on this. DEVONnote is no longer part of our development cycle. If it works in Catalina, it’s an unintended surprise for you. But if it didn’t, or stops working in the pulic release of Catalina or beyond, it won’t be fixed.

Thank you

Thank you. I will find where to ask the second part of my question.