DEVONnote and Big Sur support

I am a dinosaur, and I absolutely depend on DEVONnote for my life! I love the .rtf storage files. I can edit them in a text editor to create new templates to use. I have about 5000 notes collected over the past 10 years. DEVONthink has much more than I think I would ever need.

My question: has anybody tested DN on Big Sur? I cannot afford to upgrade to it if it will fail to preserve my stuff.

Thanks :gorilla:

DEVONnote was officially retired well over a year ago. I would not suggest continued use going forward.

The Standard edition of DEVONthink 3 should provide you the same functionality (and more).

In DEVONnote, you can use the File > Export > Files and Folders command and export to a newly created folder on your desktop. You could then use File > Import > Files and Folders in DEVONthink 3 to import these files.

Thank you very much. and I am going to copy that post to my DEVONthink note in DN for future reference, but I will probably ride this horse until I upgrade to a stable Big Sur, and when M1 has been out a year, hopefully supporting 32GB RAM and I get a new MacBook Pro.

I find the C++ search thread disappointing though. I am well versed in Regular Expressions, and would not expect this behavior from such a sophisticated product, alas. I frequently have to resort to EasyFind for some of my current searches.

Hi, looks like a M1 Mac mini will be here tomorrow, and I will export DEVONnote data to import to DEVONthink. A question: will it preserve the note creation dates, as the file creation date from the export seems to be set to the note/rtf creation date? If not, how would I set over 5000 creation dates?


The creation/modification dates of the exported files should be the dates of the notes, DEVONthink will use them while importing.

Thank you