Devon's roadmap for the coming years?

Just a simple, though perhaps somewhat indelicate or even intrusive question. At the moment, we are all waiting impatiently for the new version of Devonthink, and especially for Devonthink Pro. The innovations they will bring, are already more or less known.

But afterwards, into which direction shall we move?  Which are Devon’s goals for the near future? Into what direction should DevonNote, DevonThink, DevonAgent develop in the next couple of years? I’m sure the developers behind our beautiful applications will have thought about it already; I’m less sure, to be true, if they desire to make their thoughts public property.

As roadmaps are quite often modified (and delayed :slight_smile:), we don’t publish them usually. However, the most important changes next year will be additional client/server editions of DEVONthink (for workgroups and enterprises). Another goal is to add more AI functionality - the current possibilities are just the (stupid) beginning