DEVONsphere 1.9.6 tries to upgrade to 1.9.7 on Mac OS X 10.11

Hello, I am checking updates on your three programs, and I see that you have changed your requirements in the last few versions. However DEVONspehere 1.9.6 does not report it, and tries to update it to the next version 1.9.7, which if I go to download on its website, if it reports that it requires system 10.14 correctly. Is it compatible or not? It is one thing to report the existence of a new version, which you cannot use and mention it, but without saying anything it is understood that it is compatible with the system used (and computer, in my case iMac Intel Core 2 Duo with 10.11.6).
In the case of DEVONagent, initially it also seemed to tell me to update, but going back to look for updates, none have come out again. I also don’t notice that it exists but it can’t be used. That’s the logical thing to do: either not mention it, or do it but inform that it can’t be used if you don’t update the system first.
Good for allowing you to download previous versions on your website, but it would be much better if you also included version 1.9.6 in that section, especially if you finally upgrade to an incompatible version :-).
Jose Luis
P.S. Message translated mechanically as I do not speak English, I apologize if I have not expressed myself correctly.

The message came through as expected. Development would have to respond on this particular issue.

This might be an issue of the Sparkle feed for the updates, all the latest updates require at least macOS 10.14. We’ll check this.