Devonsphere does not priorize exact file names (or phrases searched for) in results

When I use devonsphere to search my file folder for a particular file name, it usually finds it, but often the file is well down a list of other possible files, and sometimes is not even seen unless I broaden the relevance indicator. It seems to me that files with a searched for phrase – even if well into the file name – or files matching the search term precisely, would be at the top of the list (assuming I sorted by relevance). Is there a preference setting I am missing?
If I use the app: “find any file” It picks up the desired item quickly and ranks by best fit.

Did you quote the name?

I would type in the file name, not in “hip and knee” but hip and knee.
If I type in name:hip and knee, it does work
if I type in Title: hip and knee it does work, but in these instances I might have one file containing the term “hip and knee” then a bunch of other, related, files, and then another containing the ‘hip and knee’ term.
I would expect the files containing the phrase “hip and knee” would be at the top of the list.
ALSO: using ‘name’ rather than ‘title’ picks up fewer hits.
This all may relate to the idea that devonsphere is not just a file finder, but looks for related files: a nice feature, but when I am looking for a specific file, that I know is there, I expect to find it, AND if I look for a specific file and it is NOT there, I can be reasonably sure that I do not have it.
Find Any File does this. Admitted a more specific type of program and, while I can use it, I want to use a few different software packages as needed. Less clutter, less computer resource drain.

Actually DEVONsphere Express doesn’t support prefixes like name:

I used the search term “name:” that is a Search Prefix in Devonthink. The instruction manual for Devonthink lists name: The name of a file. This is distinct from the ‘filename’ and does not include the file extension.
I get confused; i.e. ‘name’ is not ‘filename’ but neither is docTitle, which is the title of a file. The title may be distinct from its name.
So: please advise me as to the precise terminology I should use for the name of a file in my folder, or for partial contents of a file name (i.e. a phrase within the file name, like “hip and knee”).
My desire is that when searching for a file name, or a phrase within a file name, Devonsphere will find any file like that, if it exists, and place it at the top of any listing of files that contain the same information. (i.e. I recognize that many files will have the same contents, but I am interested in the file NAME being first.)

Only DEVONthink 3.x supports this prefix (and others).

So, does that mean that what I want: the precise terminology to use for the name of a file in my folder, or for partial contents of a file name (i.e. a phrase within the file name, like “hip and knee”). is not do-able in Devonsphere. If not, that is the way it is but, if so, please make future versions to have that ability.


That’s right. But quoting as suggested by @bluefrog might help (depending on the filename and the search term).

Not really. Quotes as in “xxx” or ‘xxx’ do not do the trick.