DEVONsphere Express in the Japanese App Store


I bought DEVONsphere Express a long time ago in the Japan App Store, and I’m currently on 1.5.4. I recently visited this website to ask some questions about a problem I had with the application, and noticed that the current version on the Downloads page was 1.8.4. I wondered why I hadn’t been alerted to any updates, so I visited the App Store but was told that “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the Japanese store.”

One thing puzzles me. Doing Get Information in the Finder on the 1.5.4 in my Applications folder shows me a Creation date of July 29, 2015. I just tried downloading 1.8.4 from the Downloads page (leaving it in my Downloads folder) and the creation date on that one is the same. Are the version numbers different for essentially the same version?

Also, are there plans to bring DEVONsphere Express back to the Japanese App Store? If not, is it possible to transfer my licence to the direct-from-Devon version?

Thanks for any advice.

The apps are basically identical .

Please send an email to sales - at -, thanks.