DEVONsphere Express shows PDF's Title rather than its Name

I have a PDF stored in DEVONthink Pro Office. Its Name is “Morris letter request.” Its Title is “Letter Request Form”.

The Name is what I chose to call this PDF, and how it appears in DTPO. The Title, meanwhile … I don’t know what that is! I never set the Title myself – it must have been baked into the PDF’s metadata when I downloaded it. In fact, the only way I can see the Title is by choosing “Show Info…” in DTPO and looking in the “Additional Information” category.

The problem I’m having is that when I search for this PDF by its Name, “Morris letter request,” DEVONsphere finds it, but the PDF shows up in the list only by its Title, “Letter Request Form,” which means nothing to me. It wasn’t until I moused over it and saw the full path that I realized it was the document I was looking for.

This behavior, while perhaps not a bug, really doesn’t make sense to me, and is preventing me from using DEVONsphere as a handy way to access to files in my DTPO databases.

Thanks for any help,


You can also view and edit the title and other metadata via Tools > Show Properties.

Thanks for the reply, Christian.

I guess I assumed there was a way to edit metadata, but am not so interested in doing so if I don’t have to. Since the “Name” is what I see in the Finder, in DTPO, at the top of the window when I open the PDF, etc., I’d rather just work with that. At the moment, DEVONsphere is the only application I have that displays the PDF as “Title – Author.” Most of the time I have not set these metadata, so they mean little to me.

I’ve noticed that DEVONsphere actually has a lot of variation in how it displays files existing within DTPO. If the PDF has a URL, then that is displayed as the “additional details.” If the PDF has a Title and Author, then that is displayed. If it’s an email, then it shows who it was sent to. So this seems to be intended behavior, even if it’s rarely useful to me.

However, in other cases I can’t figure out the logic between what gets shown in “additional details.” I have a bunch of PDFs and text files with pretty identical metadata, but for some their Date Modified is shown, whereas for others their path in my DTPO database is shown.

In any case, I think this large variation in data displayed makes the Results list needlessly confusing. I wish that DEVONsphere always displayed the Name of the file and its location in my DTPO database. These two bits of data are always useful to me, because I’ve had a hand in setting them. Plus, this uniformity would make the Results list easier to understand.

Thanks for reading.