Devonsphere Express vs DTP?

I suspect the response will be a forehead slapper, but I will ask anyway: What does DE do that DTP does not? Since DTP is now at the center of my workflow, is there a reason for me to keep DE running?


DEVONsphere Express is a very different product than DEVONthink. While it can find items in DEVONthink, it is more closely related to Spotlight and finds things outside DEVONthink.

Thanks, Jim. So DE differs from “See Also” within DTP in that its search domain includes more than the contents of DTP? Any other distinctions?

If all of my data is in DTPO is there any need to have DE?

Well, all of your data isn’t in DEVONthink, which is the reason for DSE. It does allow for matches in DEVONthink but also searches items outside your databases.

Thanks for your amazing insight into my file system.

Let me rephrase. All of my data except system files is in DTPO, or all of my user created data is in DTPO.

This being the case is there any difference to DTPO’s search capabilities and DE’s?

I’ve got a lot of files on my computers that would add no value to my DEVONthink Pro Office databases, such as the User Library files of Mail, Microsoft Office, etc. And others that are not interesting enough to me to put into one of my databases. I do not use (or recommend) DEVONthink as a Finder replacement.

Needless to say, though, the working environment of DEVONthink is much richer than that of DEVONsphere Express. And the full Search window of DEVONthink has features not matched in DEVONsphere Epress.

I do not store my videos or photo’s in DTPO. They are managed by applications better suited.

Although the finder has somewhat improved in Mavericks with the addition of tags, I realised that I prefer the DTPO environment for my files. It is far richer. Should I need to I can easily export a database. Finder is too limiting so I have very little that needs the finder.