DEVONSphere in Activity Monitor

I have DevonSphere Express 1.9.4.

  1. It does not appear in my Toolbar.

  2. There are two copies of DevonSphere Express in Activity Monitor, both using 215MB.

Advice please.

A screen capture of your menubar could prove helpful.

Hi Bluefrog: Here are two screenshots; the Activity Monitor and the Toolbar (taken when Finder was open, not an app.


Do you have multiple instances of DEVONsphere Express on your computer?

Aha! In fact, I do. Don’t know when or why I put the app in the folder with the manuals, etc., but there it was. I hadn’t been using it, then decided it would be useful, and not seeing it with the other apps, I downloaded another copy.


How do I delete all of the associated files for one, without messing up the other? Delete both and then download anew?

However, this explains why there are two in the Activity Monitor, but not why there is no icon in the OS Toolbar.


Please check the version number of each instance and remove the older one. If the versions are identical, then it doesn’t matter which one is removed.

I used AppCleaner, got rid of both versions, downloaded and installed a new one. Still no icon on the Mac Toolbar. If I click on the app filename in Applications, nothing happens; assume it’s open. Set a Keystroke in Shortcuts/Services but it doesn’t open. Thx. June

Close a bunch of those menubar apps, like Dropbox / Alfred / etc. to see if your menubar is just too crowded.

@cgrunenberg: Maybe we could set a default hotkey to open DEVONsphere so it could be pressed to open the app when it’s hidden from overcrowding.

Yes, that’s the problem – no room in the Menubar. I see it when I click on the desktop, open Mellel, and Zotero, but not in Mail, Firefox, DT3. I eliminated some of the app-specific icons, shortened the Time/Date, (have Bartender, so could refine this once I learn how to use it), but it would be good to have a DEVONsphere hotkey (or tell me how to set one?).
Thanks for your help, June

but it would be good to have a DEVONsphere hotkey (or tell me how to set one?).

You can set a Hotkey in DEVONsphere’s Preferences > General

Thank you! Set a hotkey that works nicely, and immediately finding this little app very useful – eliminates the need to tag all sorts of things; finds relevant files I wouldn’t have thought of. Thanks for your help. June

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Definitely worth the learn, imo. :smile: