DEVONsphere is indexing only some files and no Apple mails


Non-MAS DEVONsphere Express is indexing only about half of my pdfs and documents, and no emails.

I have enabled DEVONsphere Express app in Accessibility Preferences, updated DEVONsphere index several times and restarted my Macbook.

Search locations are the standard: Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Dropbox, Google Drive, Movies, Music and Pictures. Two folders within Documents are excluded.

Searches of emails are working both in Spotlight and within Apple Mail. I have resetted Keychain and deleted and recreated my mail account to no avail. OS is up-to-date Sierra.

It seems that all files I select for See Also in DEVONsphere show the File not indexed warning, even in the one-level deep Downloads folder. Please advise how to correct this problem.

I’m confused. What you’re showing here isn’t a search. It’s a See Also.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear.

See also is the feature I’m interested in for files, and the one that doesn’t seem to work.
Search works, but apparently only around half my files of each category have been indexed.

As for emails, none are indexed; therefore, neither Search nor See also work.

Lately I have deleted and recreated both Spotlight and DevonSphere indexes. Spotlight had and has no problem. DevonSphere continues in the described state.

That’s an issue on El Capitan/Sierra, the next release will fix this.