DEVONsphere menu not working, all greyed out?

Hi, all.

I’ve been testing this app - it’s good. Randomly, the menu item has stopped working and it’s options are all greyed out.

Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 15.38.00

Anybody have a clue? Thanks.

Welcome @Englebart

What did you add in DEVONsphere’s Preferences > Locations?

And which version of macOS do you use?

Hello :wink: I did not add any location, that I recall. And now of course I cannot add anything at all… The console says:

17/05/2021 22:52:08.838[1]: (com.devon-technologies.sphereexpress.49024[9662]) Service exited due to signal: Terminated: 15 sent by Activity Monitor[16046]

I don’t know what it means.

10.13 High Sierra.

A background process of DEVONsphere Express crashed. I’d suggest to open a support ticket by chosing Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key.

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Tryout period over?

In fact the app and the menu in the menubar isn’t very helpful in this case…