DEVONsphere not find files it should


I have DEVONsphere installed on two MacBook Pros (both recent machines) that sit side by side on my desk. On one of the machines it works perfectly and finds every file it should. On the other it only finds some files and completely misses others. I’ve undated the index, etc but no joy. Perhaps the idex has become corrupted somehow? The machine having the problem does have much more date on it than the other machine, but DEVONsphere is only set up to search for contacts and documents. Finally, Spotlight finds all the files properly. Any ideas? Thanks!


In DEVONsphere on the problematic machine, click the Action menu (gear icon), hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug.


Is this issue solved?


If you are having an issue, follow the instructions I gave and start a support ticket. Thanks.