DevonSphere not opening files

I am using MacOS Monterey. DevonSphere is not working as it used to - for example it does not show related items. But more importantly, it find documents on other disks, but does not open them. I have documents on external disks that I would like to open in the search results.


Did you enable full disk access for DEVONsphere Epress? And is it e.g. allowed to automate the Finder?

I have given it full disk access. How do I automate the finder? Thanks

The system should show an alert whenever necessary to grant or deny automation.

Since it shows the pdf documents on my external disks in the results - I think it should allow me to open them - I am surprised it does not

Are you able to reveal them in the Finder? How did you try to open them?

I can see them in the Finder and open them directly. I wanted to be able to open them by double clicking or selecting directly in the search results of Devonsphere.

Reveal in Finder does not work - it makes a large warning sound when I try to do that.

Is it possible that these are old items which do not exist anymore? Or that the volume name of the external disc is different? Another possibility is that DEVONsphere Express is not allowed to automate the Finder because former requests were denied.

All the items exist alright - since I can find them through other means. For example - I use Houdahspot search and it works there.

Also - I cannot remember if I denied a request earlier. Can I undo that or set that right maybe?

I really liked how Sphere used to work

You might check the automation settings for DEVONsphere Express in System Preferences > Security & Privacy.

Has full Disk Access.

And the automation settings?