DEVONSphere "Open With" option for files

I want to open a Pages file in Pages from DEVONSphere. The file is located in my iCloud Drive. When I choose the “Open With” option for that file from DEVONSphere and choose 'Pages", it still opens it in DT.
I checked with other files within iCloud Drive, all of the 'Open With" choices work as expected, so this seems to only be an issue with the Apple Suite. Another oddity: DS cannot locate Apple Keynote or Numbers documents located in iCloud Drive, but does find Pages documents. The iCloud Drive location is indexed.

  1. Is the found file a DEVONthink result or just a Pages document?
  2. Are the files local to the machine, I.e., not stored only in ICloud Drive?

The found file is just a Pages document, not a DT result. The files are local to the machine.

I believe I found the problem for the search result issue: I indexed iCloud Drive in DT and see that ONLY folders that I created are indexed. The folders created by apps are not. So the reason I can locate the Pages documents is because I have them in a user-created folder. So the indexing issue seems to be tied to iCloud Drive weirdness.

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