"devonspherebot" CPU use high and often

After reading the little I could find, and monitoring the process, I get that “devonspherebot” kicks off to reindex whenever the file system signifies a change, but the process seems to use nearly all of a full core (90+%), and seems to run frequently (maybe every 5 mins or so).


Is part of the “issue” here the amount and type of things I have DEVONsphere monitoring?

I am new to this product, but I think I have it watching anything and everything. What makes the most sense to have it monitor to limit my scope but still provide the most benefit.

The frequency of the update can be changed in Preferences > General. How many items (see Preferences > Categories) does the index contain?

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but I think I have it watching anything and everything.

What have you added to Preferences > Locations?

I believe I have some things (system-like things) that are constantly writing to my “OneDrive - Personal” directory… so the files are constantly changing. I suppose I could exclude that/those directories to avoid some of the churn?

That’s one option. Or change the update interval in the preferences e.g. to hourly.

Good point. I will do that.

I excluded the one directory I know of with constant changes, and it just ran again and ended fairly quickly. The number of items it is indexing (this last time anyway) is over 324K… not sure if that number is crazy big or average.