DEVONsync Idea / App-request

Dear developers,

I’m enjoying your apps more and more, especially DT3 and DTTG. Currently my workflow is storing and syncing all documents I’m working on via a cloud service (Tresorit) and all documents I want to archive storing and syncing in DT. One big advantages of DT over the cloud service is, that I am able to have all my documents also on my iOS devices offline and synced with me. Yes, I can say I want to have a folder offline in the app of the cloud service, but it is not synced like on my Mac.

Here is my idea:
Would it be possible to make an app (DEVONsync?) for iOS and macOS that is like a small sync app, running in the background on macOS and like a Finder app for iOS, integrated in the Files-App?

You could use your database technology with the very awesome freedom of choosing the cloud (WebDAV) I want or Bonjour with your on-device encryption.

  • On macOS: choosing the folder(s) on my local drive I want to sync with the established syncstore
  • On iOS: choosing the folder(s) I want to have offline and in sync, keeping it up to date via background app refresh
  • DEVONsync could also access Calendars, Reminders and Contacts who are stored locally on the macOS or iOS device and sync them via the established syncstore, getting all the benefits of having native and offline Calendars/Contacts, but with on-device encryption and the freedom of choosing the cloud I want.
    • Yes, I cloud use iTunes sync, but with more than two devices you get crazy and it doesn’t work so good
    • Having this type of security/encryption to such private information would be awesome!

I’m working in an environment where privacy is very important and a stable internet connection on not always available. DEVONsync would give me the best option with the only one downside, that there would be no website I could login an access/view my files unencrypted. But I think a lot people could life with that the same way they can live with DT/DTTG sync options.

Thanks for the interesting suggestion! This is probably possible but, to be honest, at least in the foreseeable future very unlikely. There’s already more than enough work to do over here, I’m afraid.