DevonSync taking forever to synchronize (on Dropbox)

I’m on DevonThink 3, and trying to synchronize a database accross devices from home. Though I am on a DSL Internet connection, DevonSync has still not finish to synchronize the database, launched under Preferences > Sync. This Database has already been synchronized, and the date that appears for last synchronization is June 2nd, a month ago, even though I use it every working day and it is programmed to synchronize automatically, and on quit and open.

On the bottom left of the main DT3 window 13 700 items are awaiting to being uploaded. These are archives, which I thought I had programmed to be only aliases through the Index files and folder menu. After suppressing this group on DT3 uploading of remaining elements (actual notes taken in DT3 or imports) is much faster, and I hope it will resume fast.

One issue is that in the Info pane (File -> Property of the database menu), their is no information available on the space the database takes on the disk.

Another is that “Index files and folders” function is not clear to me. I thought it was meant to create shortcuts to the files and folders on my computer, but it seems to actually import them in the database.

Indexed items are also uploaded if this option is not disabled in the settings of the sync location.

It does, the files are only referenced but not copied.

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Thanks. I most have made a mistake in the function or the configuration, because the files were being uploaded. Once I have trashed that folder, it works perfectly and my Sync is up to date.

Would you advise a drive on Ionos (by webdav) rather than Dropbox for getting databases synchronized accross my devices?

Dropbox is actually quite slow (and has temporary issues lately), WebDAV is usually much faster and more reliable but this depends on the WebDAV service/server of course. However, I’m not familiar with Ionos.

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CloudMe seems to be working well and has a built in sync location in DEVONthink.

I am trying to set up Sychrononization by my WebDAV but there is one parameter missing and the sync method can’t go forward as long as it isn’t correct. It is the parameter on the 4th line of the sync Webdav configuration, “Nom de l’emplacement” in French (name of place…). I try to enter my folder address with and without the character / at the beginning, but it is still seen as unvalid.

Giving it a random name, or taking the name of an existing database, I get the message Forbidden Error 403 mentionning the name I put in this parameter.

How should I configure this parameter? What is expected here?

Any name (ideally only ASCII characters) should be sufficient.

OK. I found I have to add a specific folder in the URL on the topline for it to work.

It is synchronizing now. I also got a free CloudMe account (3 Go) on your advise, to see which works better.

Synchronization works with those two services (Webdav Ionos and CloudMe). I can’t say which was fastest yet, and I am limited by the size of those clouds (5 Go and 3 Go).

There’s also HiDrive by Strato with WebDAV, which seems to be a bit cheaper than HiDrive by Ionos (7,50 € for 1TB vs. 10 €, 18 € for 3 TB vs. 15 € for 2 TB). Their website is in German, but DeepL (or maybe even Google :wink: should be able to translate it.

They seem to accept customers from all EU countries.

WebDAV services from Strato, including MagentaCloud, are known to be fast but somewhat unreliable. YMMV

I am going to have a look at the services proposed by Infomaniak, which are supposed to be more ethical and less carbon (or better carbon compensated) than others.

I’m not a fan of Strato. They certainly generated some bad publicity years ago when they ran a few thousand domains on a simple Sparc server – not very fast :-1:

But Ionos (see above) uses the same infrastructure, afaik. And a quick search didn’t show any problems with Strato WebDAV in the recent past. The only reliability complaints I could find concerned vServer, which is another product. But there don’t seem to exist real-life tests of German cloud providers.

In any case, Strato and its servers are in Europe, which might be interesting for Europeans, privacy-wise. And HiDrive offers end-to-end encryption for little money.

I am reviving this thread because I have also noticed that every time that my database syncs, it uploads well over 10,000 items. I have about 6,800 indexed items, and they are selected for sync, but I don’t think that they are actually getting updated each time. When I upload the database to Dropbox from my laptop, it doesn’t take such a long time, but when I sync on iOS it takes quite a while. Eventually, I am able to complete the sync successfully on iOS, but it takes quite a long time, like 15-20 minutes.

At the end of the day, I am just grateful to have Dropbox sync working at all after years of non-functionality (a Dropbox issue, I know!), but it would be nice if I could sync stuff faster, because as it is, it takes some time and effort to upload the notes and stuff from my phone.

I’m attaching two images here to show the file count, and also to show that sometimes the count increases during the same upload. Happy to provide more info if that is helpful. DTTG version is 3.5.6 (17245)

Best not to hijack old threads like this, as the comments above might be well out of date …

The first thing I’d do is review the TROUBLESHOOTING chapter, SYNC ISSUES section of the outstanding “DEVONthink Handbook”. No need to repeat all that here.

I guess the next thing I would try, as there are few knobs to turn with Dropbox, is to give Bonjour a try, using the two devices on same network. Bonjour method is known to be more reliable and faster. In addition to the instructions in the “DEVONthink Handbook”, see supplementary information at Bonjour Simplified

Then, once syncing going well, then attack getting Dropbox method working.

Is there any particular reason why you are using a third party internet service for synching? Do the other devices in the synch “diaspora” really need to be updated when you away and aren’t using them?

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I appreciate the time you took to reply. However, I’m not sure what you wrote was very helpful.

Your advice to RTFM is fair, thanks, I will do that.

Otherwise you are saying, “why are you using [feature that the developers have included in the software] in the first place? Surely you should use [other feature]?” If the developers decide that Dropbox is really no good I will move on, but I do prefer it to Bonjour and I feel no need to justify this here. I am looking for help with Dropbox, not Bonjour.

Finally, I guess we have different opinions about what constitutes “hijacking” (!) or the best practices of a forum like this; I try to not start a new thread when I can. Perhaps the issue I am surfacing is slightly different from the OP but it’s entirely in line with the title, and anyone familiar with the forum will see the dates that things are posted and act accordingly. You are not a mod, so your post comes off as condescending. In any case, again, I do appreciate your effort.

On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

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Sorry, but I assumed successful syncing was your priority.

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