DEVONtech_storage not hidden

Hi all,

I recently started indexing some files so I could use them externally and noticed the DEVONtech_storage are not hidden (i.e., not prefixed with a .). Is there a way to hide them from Finder when indexing?

I was a little confused as the handbook does talk about them as hidden here: “Internal metadata for the items is preserved in invisible .DEVONtech_storage files.”


That’s actually a glitch of the help, the files were never hidden and their name is DEVONtech_storage since version 1.x.

But only exporting (e.g. via File > Export > Files & Folders…) creates these files, indexing doesn’t.

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Ohh, yeah, you’re right. I originally exported these and then indexed them, so that’s where they’re coming from.

Thanks for the clarification!