DEVONTechnologies liked Trump?

I happened to just see “DEVONTechnologies liked” above Donald Trump’s latest attack on Dr. Fauci on Twitter. Was this correct?

(I would normally steer clear of politics on a software forum, but this was a public pronouncement, and this forum is for matters related to the company itself, so it seems appropriate to inquire about the company’s publicly professed sentiments.)


Welcome @csk137

It must have been accidentally pressed when reviewing our feed as we don’t engage in political discussion corporately. Thanks for the head-up. I’ll look at it.


OK thank you for the response. I thought it seemed like something that most companies might not want to have their name attached to, regardless of what their political leanings are.

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You’re welcome.
And yes, we are a software company developing and supporting our great Mac and iOS apps, and that is our focus.

As the old adage goes, “There are two things you shouldn’t discuss in the workplace: religion and politics.” :slight_smile: