DevonThink 2.0 - Was it worth waiting for?

An emphatic “Hell, yes!” from me. I know y’all made us wait until you felt it was ready for a public debut, and I’m glad you did. This new release takes the product to the next level and leaves the competition in the dust.

It’s still familiar, but with improved UI, features/functions, and speedier than ever. I love the DevonThink Sorter to be able to drag and drop without DevonThink being opened, then it’s automatically cataloged the next time DevonThink is opened.

I’m just beginning to delve into this new release, but I can tell you that in the first 30 minutes, I decided that the upgrade is definitely worth the money! This product is a must have.

Congratulations to everyone on the development and quality assurance team! You have outdone yourselves! I’m sure there will be many awards given to this outstanding new release of an already solid and excellent product.

Rob :smiley:

With Firefox and Photoshop, my most used, most useful app.
Tx Devon!

Without a doubt, yes!
I’d be lost without DT and this release is going to make things even better.

I can not hide my disappointment for this release. I don’t want to flame: I can see a lot of improvements. Trash, undo, are features that everybody need from long time.
But some long-waited features like user metadata fields and decent sheet format are not present. It seems absurd to me have a nice program to catalog documents and archive papers, and have not a serious user metadata support to build a query-able database.
The actual sheet support is somethink folkloristic with no formatting at all.
Sorry, disappointment. I hope the promise devon made some times ago about have devonthink 2 “until the end of the year” didn’t force the team to cut here and there features and present today a “half” version.

I’ll keep use the 1.x version and I’ll wait for next releases.

have a nice day


Customisable metadata and “richer” sheets were my main hopes for DT2, as well - but even with those yet to come (at least metadata, no mention of upgrading Sheets), DT2 is a huge improvement worthy of the upgrade. I’ve tinkered with every info manager out there, and always came back to DT. I don’t think I’ll be tinkering elsewhere anymore, just waiting for the DT crew to add extra functionality on this excellent foundation.

I paid for an upgrade license today but am somewhat underwhelmed so far. I’m also sick and a bit grouchy so that may account for things… :wink:

As always, I think the app has tremendous potential and will be improved both prior to the GM and in subsequent releases.

Ooooh I’m so jealous when I see the list of the new features - can’t use them on my old Power Mac G5 running 10.4.11 :confused:

I really need to buy a new computer, I’m waiting for the announcements at Macworld Expo!

Your PM won’t run Leopard?

looks around frantically for things he can trade you Um, a universal remote control?

We all know it will. :stuck_out_tongue:

Certainly less expensive than a new computer that some people (not necessarily you, CheepnisAroma :slight_smile:) think they need when what they already have is plenty capable.

My hard drive is half dead, I can’t even re-install 10.4.11. I have lots of scary error messages :frowning:

That’s why I’m waiting for Macworld Expo. Probably I’ll buy an iMac and at the same time I’ll switch to 10.5.6 8)

I’ll take that lemon off your hands :smiley:

I will wait until the real v2.0 version to give my opinion. For the moment, I feel that it was not worth waiting 2 years, just for updating and matching competitors innovations.

User interface has been improved, but I think it’s still immature. I’m really unimpressed as the user interface is concerned (I’m not talking about graphical glitches, I’m thinking about the whole user experience design and usability), I think they will have to improve it a lot before the real launch of the app. After working with Coda, Scrivener (an old app), OmniFocus and others, DT 2.0’s interface still feels not upgraded.

I do think so, yes. To be honest, I actually bought it after playing with pb1 for a while. I did consider buying DT before and tried it extensively, but somehow it didn’t fit into my workflow. Now it does - especially if someone would rewire the fullscreen editor to a more useful tool (actually, only the typewriter-scrolling and top/bottom margins are missing).

What do you mean by “lemon”? I don’t understand this word in this context :question:

“Lemon” describes a product that’s unsatisfactory, such as a used car (or a new one, for that matter) that won’t run reliably.

Reminds me of the only time I ever sued anyone. Back in 1973 I bought a new 1973 car for my wife. The radio didn’t work. When the dealer removed it and put it on a shop bench for testing, it caught fire. The windshield leaked, so that rain poured in – that was fixed, and the windshield wipers that fell off were replaced. The car was brought in four times for transmission failures, and spent most of the three months we owned it in the dealer’s repair shop (the automatic transmission was replaced 3 times). The fifth time the transmission failed, I drove it slowly to the dealer (only low gear worked) and left it there for good. We won the lawsuit.

That car had been assembled just before a union strike. Probably not a good omen. I always wondered if the mounting brackets for the transmission had been deliberately misaligned to place stress on it. Ironically, that automaker’s automatic transmissions were among the most reliable for that model year.

That car was properly called a lemon. Our lawsuit was brought under what was called a “lemon law”. :slight_smile:

Don’t tease us by not telling us which make/model of car was that, Bill. :slight_smile:

I thought he meant the dying hard drive… or maybe the entire Power Mac G5? :slight_smile:

I have a PowerMac G5 Dual with 7GB of RAM and 1TB of storage and it screams. The only thing I can’t run is software that requires an Intel processor. When that becomes a huge issue to me, I’ll buy another computer. Until then, my PowerMac kicks serious butt. Looking forward to Snow Leopard performance improvements as well!