DEVONthink 2 interface

Have taken the plunge, registered, moved up to DEVONthink2 and so far enjoying the experience. But what’s going on with the striped barber bars across the top of the toolbar?


Are these really needed? Personally, I think that are not very pretty and spoil what is otherwise a largely improved interface

It is there to remind you that we’re still running a beta program. Of course it will be removed once 2.0 final hits the virtual shelves.

OK, fair enough. Thought I might be missing some hidden function.
Thanks for your response

Once this goes from beta to FCS there will be orange cones in front of the striped tape. Future betas will include the lettering “Police Line Do Not Cross” to distinguish DTPO 3 betas from earlier betas.

Tongue firmly planted in cheek. :smiling_imp: