Devonthink 3.03 and iCloud Sync

iCloud Sync not working with Catalina; worked before. Log says master.plist couldn’t be opened. I have Devonthink enabled in Full Disk Access. Appreciate any help or tips

Welcome @dawnrunner

Please post a screen capture of the Log window.

PS: Issues like these have been discussed on the forums already. Make sure you’re searching and/or looking at the latest posts first.

I’m set to manual sync, and know the sync button is grayed out.

I did search, btw, and didn’t see anything; sorry about that.

No worries!

This is an iCloud issue and one we have no control over, nor can we reproduce it at will. In fact, some people have reported it just started working. Here is someone on the forums just yesterday…

Does it work after rebooting the computer and is there enough disk space available on the startup volume? In addition, did/do you use public betas of Catalina?

I just rebooted and iCloud sync is now working. Had plenty of disk space, no betas. Thanks for the help!