DEVONthink 3.8 - Pasting image in Markdown blurs the image

The new feature …

Copy pasted images to group: Copy and paste or drag and drop an image from outside DEVONthink and it will be copied into a group in the current location. The group will have the name specified in the preference.

… yields different results.

Exported from and dragged:

Copied in and pasted yields a blurred image:

Copied in and DEVONthink menu Data > New > From clipboard:

I’m seeing no issue here.
What OS?

macOS 10.14.6. First thought it’s a Snagit problem but DEVONthink can create a proper image from the data (see last capture).

I experience this too when Snagit is set to copy the image to clipboard and NOT launch the editor afterwards. When I flipped on the “preview in editor” option, the image then pastes into DT just fine. Little annoying but has been working for me.

I installed SnagIt (and sheesh - what happened to it?!?) :roll_eyes: and I’m stil lnot seeing any blurry images when pasting.

@jsco : Are you also running macOS 10.14.x?

I’m on 11.6.

I’ve tested from both Intel and M1 Macbooks with Snagit 2021.4.2.

One small correction to what ended up working for me, I also changed the Snagit “Drag and paste” image format from png to jpeg… so that may or may not be ideal for your use case.

So what fixed it for me:
Preview in Editor: ON
Drag and paste format: jpeg

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Thanks! I’ve now tested all available Snagit formats, everything works fine, except png.

By the way, this feature rocks!! Sooo nice :grinning:

How does the PNG pasted into e.g. a TextEdit document look like? DEVONthink basically just retrieves the image from the clipboard but doesn’t process it in any way.

Already tested that, it’s fine in TextEdit and in a DEVONthink RTF.

Are you able to reproduce this issue without using SnagIt too?

No, it’s fine with macOS clipboard capture. Strange that DEVONthink can create a standalone PNG from the same pasteboard that fails when pasted into Markdown. As written above it only happens with Snagit set to png.

I don’t know Snagit but may be it adds weird metadata to the clipboard that DT interprets and Textedit doesn’t. Just a wild guess.

See the last capture, DEVONthink can create a proper record from the same pasteboard. The image is only blurred if pasted into Markdown.

The next release will try to avoid conversions to PNG if there’s already a web-safe image format available on the clipboard.

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