DevonThink 3 and Automator

I had set up a number of Automator workflows which I used, via Hazel, to import items into DT. This worked fine until I upgraded to v3 now I receive an error from Hazel to say the workflow failed.

I have got around this by using an embedded AppleScript in Hazel (may be a better option) but wondered what I had done wrong, or not done, to be able to use my old workflows.

I should say my knowledge of automation is limited. Thank you.

DEVONthink 3 doesn’t support Automator anymore as its future is unclear and as it’s not as popular as AppleScript or Hazel. And DEVONthink 3 introduces of course smart rules and therefore can handle many tasks without AppleScript, Automator or Hazel.

That would explain it, thanks.

And check out the Help > Documentation > Automation chapter for more on the subject. :slight_smile: