Devonthink 3 and Instapaper

I’ve been working with DT3 and noticed the script to import Instapaper CSV files is missing. This script was a major part of my workflow. Curious to see how others import Instapaper files into DT3.

Jeff Taekman

This was a third-party script which hasn’t been updated (yet) for version 3.

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Also very curious to see how this gets updated. Would like to be able to import Instapaper to DT3, but I notice the old RSS trick isn’t working anymore either.

Which trick exactly? Feeds in version 3 should work as in version 2.

Pretty sure this was an Instapaper-trick, not a DTPO trick. Mostly I’m just looking for a way to get Instapaper into DT3.

Here is the “Trick” I was talking about:

I know this is an old topic, but I am still looking for a way to get the full Instapaper article of a folder into DT. So far, I only get the excerpt with a link. Is there anything new or a fresh new workflow for this use case?

So this is admittedly a bit complex to set up, but actually works flawlessly after the initial effort:
First, integrate instapaper with Readwise. Then integrate Readwise with Obsidian. Finally, index the Obsidian vault in DevonThink.

I don’t personally use Instapaper but rely on this setup to get highlighted sections from Inoreader as well as annotated podcast clips from Snipd into DevonThink. Since Readwise has an Instapaper integration, it should work to accomplish what you described.

Thanks a lot. That works great, although I really wish it would be possible directly in DT. One heads up, though: Due to the limits of highlighting and notes on the free plan of Instapaper, this workflow probably makes most sense with a paid plan (for anyone considering this).