Devonthink 3 and Instapaper

I’ve been working with DT3 and noticed the script to import Instapaper CSV files is missing. This script was a major part of my workflow. Curious to see how others import Instapaper files into DT3.

Jeff Taekman

This was a third-party script which hasn’t been updated (yet) for version 3.

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Also very curious to see how this gets updated. Would like to be able to import Instapaper to DT3, but I notice the old RSS trick isn’t working anymore either.

Which trick exactly? Feeds in version 3 should work as in version 2.

Pretty sure this was an Instapaper-trick, not a DTPO trick. Mostly I’m just looking for a way to get Instapaper into DT3.

Here is the “Trick” I was talking about: