DevonThink 3 beta - web server

OK, thanks for clarifying. I’m disappointed because I can’t justify the extra cost of Server for Curio integration, but it’s a significant loss.


What about using AppleScript for the integration? It’s free in all editions and has access to everything in DEVONthink, even more so than the web server.

That’s a big blow to Curio-DT3 integration, but it’s just as much on Curio (if not more so) to adjust this.

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Well, why it may be as mucho Curio, George has only just got the beta, and his first view (I messaged him about this) is the there’s no simple alternative. Curio would have to build an entirely new integration engine.

George (Curio developer) has acknowledged that, but it would be a major piece of work to rebuild the Curio search engine.
I can understand why you’ve made this decision, and I don’t expect you took it lightly. You have too maintain a viable business. That said, it is a blow, I’m afraid. For a genuine enterprise/team setup, the cost of Server seems reasonable. As a single user, it’s just too much and I’m sorry for that.
Once v3 is released, what will be the status of support for v2? Obviously one option I have is not to upgrade and thus keep the web server.

We will keep V2 but not release regular maintenance updates, we’re afraid, unless there’s something that really, really breaks it.

How does the Curio integration work that it needs a web server on DEVONthink’s side?

Sorry, I’m not the expert, but Curio’s search engine uses a web interface for its querying. I believe that the search interface existed and was tweaked to work with DT. The Curio developer’s the only person who’d know in details.

That makes sense. Thanks

Yeah, I’m a tiny bit disappointed in this too… I didn’t use the web server to share with others, just to be able to access my databases from other non-Mac computers I own. I get wanting to have a more fair structure for those who are truly using it for teams, but it would’ve been nice if there were some way keep the web server in Pro just with some sort of restriction on simultaneous users (I believe FileMaker does this). Probably not a dealbreaker, but puts a damper on my excitement :disappointed:


You need to ask George Browning at the Zengobi forum to address this – the “integration” is simple, and he can walk you through it. Now that Curio 13 is released, I imagine he can add the URL to their release. But, it’s a question for a different forum.

I’m looking forward to trying DT3 (in the middle of things right now so can’t risk disruption to my workflows) but I too fall into the (niche?) group of single-users who uses/used the web server in DT2 (particularly from other Windows machines). The new pricing for the web server features prices me out of that and has me questioning the upgrade (I was expecting it to be a take-my-money-throw-cash-at-DT situation).

Tbh I want the web server features so much that I’m trying to justify the cost even as a single user but … I just don’t think I can :frowning:

PLEASE introduce a single-user web server license tier?

Also… what improvements have been made to the web server end? (Assuming I can try it all out in the beta?)

Sorry to put a dampener on the release… have SO been looking forward to it and I’m sure I’ll appreciate all the other fine work done. It looks epic aside from this one gotcha.


You don’t have to buy the beta.
The beta is the Server version, so you can install it and test all the features (ideally in a separate isolated account).

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Thanks - I’ve already raised this with George in the Zengobi forums - the integration works fine in the DT3 beta because it includes thee server functionality. The issue is that DT3 Pro loses the web server and it’s at that point (i.e. when the beta ends and I have to licence v3) that the integration will stops

Especially https support, multiple users & flexible permissions and a completely rewritten web interface which is compatible to mobile devices like iPhone/iPad.

The web server price really hurts for a single user who wants DevonThink access on a windows PC. I would happily pay $150 for the pro with a single user for the web server. It looks like I will have to use Jump Desktop from every windows computer for now or run a vnc web server just for DevonThink. I really do like the new interface however as it looks fantastic.


As it seems you’re accessing DEVONthink from multiple PCs that’s exactly the use case for the new web interface with users and access rights. It’s meant for teams.

Which is a shame as my current workflow involves typing in my DEVONthink domain and accessing information I need. It appears the better solution would to be to no longer import files into DEVONthink 3 but index external ones while running a service for basic file access.

The DEVONthink server edition will be quite the niche product without the ability to run on a Linux host.

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The DEVONthink server edition will be quite the niche product without the ability to run on a Linux host.

You’d be surprised.

Is there any documentation about how to set up and use web server in DT3? I want to test if it’s available or blocked at my company’s network.