DevonThink 3 beta - web server

The DEVONthink server edition will be quite the niche product without the ability to run on a Linux host.

You’d be surprised.

Is there any documentation about how to set up and use web server in DT3? I want to test if it’s available or blocked at my company’s network.

The basics of it - and many other helpful things - are found in the built-in Help (which also has always been available in DEVONthink 2.x as well!).

Check out Documentation > Preferences > Server which also has a jump to In & Out > Web Sharing.

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I’ve delved a bit into the server thing…
I usually go with the most elaborate version of any software… I was unpleasantly surprised to see the $300 price difference.

So the next thing I did is try to get a better view…
I use this “server” capability to:

  • search DTPO from a windows machine
  • eventually add some stuff from the same windows machine

I also regularly operate on industrial automation devices (PLC) and very much use copy / paste and screenshots to keep track of what I’m doing or what is going on.
This usually goes into DTPO, which I then access from a virtual machine.

All that will be gone at first sight, because of this entirely different price setting.

I looked up the server setting in the DTPO-2 manual, and it is at page 105.
Can you confirm that it is exactly this that will now cost an additional $300?

Would it be a workaround to keep using both versions and use a common syncstore?

I also regularly operate on industrial automation devices (PLC)

This is a business scenario, hence part of the target market Server is intended for.

Would it be a workaround to keep using both versions and use a common syncstore?

Keep both versions of… ?

It’s the ability to access a DT database over the web that’s the extra cost service. What you’re describing is what it does. The DT3 version has highly enhanced access control and some other very useful updates. I suggest you try the beta (it’s free) and judge yourself.

I’m a oneman show doing these things…

v2 and v3 but sync to the same (local) syncstore…

Is there any way to ‘switch’ DT into the ‘future’ no-server mode?
Since I’m on the beta now, I would like to test / see / feel if I can live without ‘server’ mode…

Using the same databases and/or synchronizing V2/V3 is fine as long as you don’t use custom metadata as version 2 doesn’t support this. Therefore any change of an item having custom metadata in version 2 will remove it.

Is your “show” a business one?

Yes, but the windows license is the same price for me as a service engineer as for any company computer…
And… I am the only one using DT for keeping track, because I am a DT user and customer for many years… and because I use my personal laptop to do the job.
So I will lose this functionality as it appears…

Thanks for clarifying;
Does a distinctive overview between V2 / V3 custom metadata exist somewhere?

There is no custom metadata in DEVONthink 2.

Yes, but the windows license is the same price for me as a service engineer as for any company computer

That would be seen as a business use. And, though you’d have to discuss it with your accountant, it would likely be covered as a business expense.

Note: Anyone can purchase and use the Server edition. It’s not just intended for business or academia. But it was rewritten from the ground up with features and capabilities focused on business, academic, and larger group collaboration.

It doesn’t look as if anyone picked this up. Just don’t start the server (it’s in Preferences). I guess that if you license a non-Service edition, that preference is disabled or not shown

You don’t need to do anything in Preferences > Server or start the server. However, since this is a beta test, it’s helpful to have people testing it in different environments.

I do get what you’re saying, to a point, but I use DEVONthink Pro Office v2, and the web server, to upload research data I come across when I’m not at my Mac. I don’t do this for a business, I do this for personal work and research. To say that the only use for the web server is for business purposes is disingenuous. As a personal user, I can’t justify that price jump (although I tried like hell, I assure you). Maybe someday I can pull that off, but not at this time. I really wish I could use my Mac all the time, but it’s just not possible.