DevonThink 3 creating receipt files in Dropbox?

When DevonThink is open it is creating some kind of receipt file (as shown in attached ss) multiple times a minute in my Dropbox account. I have notifications turned on with my Dropbox, and it keeps popping up with alerts that another receipt file has been created.

What are these? Do I have something setup wrong in sync? How can I stop these?

Any help is appreciated. I’m new to DevonThink, and love it, but recently set it up to sync with my Dropbox, and it is out of control filling up my Dropbox account with these receipt files.

Edit: Should add, sync is working fine otherwise with Dropbox as my databases sync across from my desktop app to go app with no problem.

These files are created by Dropbox sync stores (see Preferences > Sync). You should exclude the folder ~/Dropbx/Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync in the preferences of to avoid such notifications and to speed up the sync.

To add to Criss’ comments… from the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Sync > Q & A: