DEVONthink 3 - Dropbox Hosted Markdown Images Not Loading (but used to in Pro Office)

Hi Team,

I’ve recently noticed my markdown image links are not loading / viewable in DEVONthink 3 in preview. DEVONthink Pro Office, however, loaded these images perfectly in preview.

The markdown syntax I am using, which works in every other markdown editor I use (and worked in DEVONthink Pro Office) is as follows:

Please note the link provided will not link to an actual image, it is just for illustration purposes of the syntax structure


The link is a shared link via Dropbox. By changing the dl=0 at the end of the link and replacing it with dl=1+ it changes the shareable link from a web redirect to a direct view of the image (bypassing Dropbox’s web interface), which then loads the image in preview. (You won’t believe how many forums I searched to get that tidbit of information!)

Example of Preview in DEVONthink 3:

Example of Preview in iA Writer (and previously DEVONthink Pro Office):

This method of hosting and adding images from Dropbox to markdown is used so the images are available on every device and markdown editor, across platforms and easily shareable if needed. (Markdown notes are indexed and also stored in Dropbox).

I have now uninstalled DEVONthink Pro Office, so am unable to provide a screenshot without reinstalling, but I can assure you, it was working perfectly :+1:

I’d be grateful if you could please investigate the issue for a future fix.

Appreciate your help as always :grinning:

Screenshots of Preferences > Web and Preferences > Media would be useful.

@cgrunenberg, please see below a screenshot for the Prefs > Web and Pref > Media settings.

I can reproduce the issue here.


@BLUEFROG, snazzy ride :wink:

Indeed :heart: :slight_smile:

This doesn’t return an image but a HTML wrapper instead including an iframe, therefore the WebKit doesn’t recognize it as a valid image source. Maybe Dropbox changed the HTML code or redirect handling lately?

@cgrunenberg, I can confirm this is still working for me :+1:

Dropbox Link:

Preview in iA Writer:

@cgrunenberg, UPDATE: Further research has produced a fruitful outcome that works with DEVONthink (should anyone else wish to benefit from hosting images on Dropbox, and view in all editors that I have tested, DEVONthink included).

Replace dl=0 at end of the Dropbox Shared Link with raw=1

Example below:


Hope this helps others! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the diligence. I confirm it’s working in DEVONthink here too.

You’re welcome :wink: