DEVONthink 3 Move/Duplicate/Replicate to: current destination is missing

Good day,

As I remember in former versions of DEVONthink when you would open the contextual menu to move or duplicate or replicate an object to a different database or folder in the same database there was an option on top of all the folder structures that get shown, which was called something like “Current” and if I remember right had some symbol like an arrow with two following dots before it.
This was a very useful feature for me, as I often want to duplicate objects in the same folder.
Is my memory right? Is this feature gone or just elsewhere?

Appreciating your help so much and best regards,

If you simply want to duplicate to the same folder, using ⌘D might be the simplest solution.

Welcome @tilmannr

There is a Recent Destinations section at the top of the contextual menu, just as there was in DEVONthink 2.x.