DEVONthink 3 on the Mac App Store

Upon release of DEVONthink 3, it was mentioned that it would also be released on the Mac App Store eventually. Is this still coming in the foreseeable future?

I’m considering purchasing DEVONthink, but as I vastly prefer buying my software through the App Store, I’m waiting and if it’s released, I’d buy it day one. Thanks a lot.

FYI third party developers get more revenue when selling their products directly compared with the cut App Store takes. This might even lead to a price increase if that happens.

PS: I purchases from App Store or directly, but if a direct purchase link I use that just to give the developers a bigger cut as a thanks.

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Sure. Many developers then choose to pass the 30% Apple cut to the customer and the app is more expensive on the Mac App Store. Depending on the app and specific pricing, I’m willing to stomach that.

I really hate tracking and storing license number, minding activation/seat limits, individual app updates, etc. Through the App Store, everything is seamless. Being logged in with your Apple ID is your activation and everything is updated in one central location.

To each their own, though, and it is up to DEVONtechnologies to decide whether publishing on the App Store makes business and technology sense. It is up to you and me, then, to decide how we want to buy the product, given the choice.

Yes, but I must say i just keep the licensing number as email and query for it if I need it, or then contact the developer in case I lost it. And DT3 auto-updates itself. Activation is pretty easy, too.


Thanks. If, for some reason, it turns out that plans for an App Store release have been abandoned, I will most likely go ahead and buy direct.

It’s planned but doesn’t have the highest priority right now as this requires quite some work due to the ever increasing restrictions of the App Store. And due to the App Store’s 30% and its different handling of seats pricing will be definitely different.

I’m particularly interested in the App Store as then we can easily purchase with Apple Business and deploy/assign using Jamf Pro throughout the fleet as needed. Is there an estimate for then this will be available?

No estimated time and with sandboxing restrictions placed on apps in the App Store, it’s unclear if this is still a possibility without severely affecting its functionality.

It would be interesting to know what functionality an App Store version would lose. Might it even be an acceptable loss for most people’s uses? I guess we’ll have to leave that up to the developer’s discretion.

I was thinking about waiting for a Mac App Store or buying it now, but thanks to your answer I know this is not on the agenda.

But I have a question: if you ever release a Mac App Store version, do you plan to make discounts for people how want to convert their licence to a Mac App Store one? As you seem very accommodating and honest, I think so, but I would like to have your current point of view. :slight_smile:

We generally don’t comment on business decisions not yet made. Sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

No problem! You already answer to a lot of questions. So I am happy to announce that I just bought the Mac App. :grin:

I know I will not master it until 2-3 years, but as a student and future engineer I think it will be very very useful… :blush:

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Thank you very much for your trust in our product! And welcome on board!

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I’ve been using it for almost 9 years and still haven’t mastered it. Use it how you need to use it and give yourself time to explore.

But aren’t you supposed to be a member of the team? :rofl:

I am very happy, even if it is quite expensive for a student, because I have the impression that I just got an incredibly powerful tool to research and collect data, and also to sync it with my iPad and my iPhone. And, in the future, I hope this will help me to stop using the Cloud (privacy, pollution…).

Yes, I am. And I estimate I have over 26,000 working hours in DEVONthink now. But it is a very deep application, incredibly flexible and capable, and routinely improved. It’s deep like Photoshop is deep (which I easily have at least as many hours in and still haven’t “mastered” it).

I wasn’t laughing at you at all, but it is still funny… and probably a sign of quality. :blush:

Thanks for your availability, that is important for me, and I suppose for the whole community here.

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No worries!

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Also another ex-beta user :wink:

Coming from the Evernote debacle, and having tried Apple Notes, my impressions were that Apple Notes falls short in terms of flexibility and Evernote fails short in terms of… well, too long to explain it here.

The most impressive thing about DT as a product is the nativeness to it. Not only in terms of speed (web apps made us forget how fast our computers are!), it’s that everything ticks with macOS: cloudkit, share extensions, applescript, Finder integration, you name it.

Also to note the feeling that DT is vast, so although the purchase is expensive, there is a lot of value to discover in many years to come.


… for example, I’ve happened to find the “Summarize Highlights” menu entry and boy you can read about any feature in the user manual but until it hits on you when you need it you can easily skip a lot of DT value. It even works on Markdown!