DEVONthink 3 preferences

Am trying to find the preferences file(s) for my Devonthink3 installation, so I can copy them across to another machine.

Realise this has been addressed in the past, but can’t seem find them under ~/Library/Preferences



It’s ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.think3.plist.


Will copying this *.plist carry the info on names and colour of labels and highlights?
Currently, database synchronisation doesn’t include the above-mentioned settings, AFAIMA.

This info is actually synchronized if it’s enabled in the sync location’s properties.

Ah… Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Do note: While you only have a global preference for these colors and names, this is a per sync location setting. This can be important if you’re syncing with another person.

Say you have the first label as a lime green color and labeled “Junk”.
You sync a database with someone else who sets his to an orange color labeled “Garbage”.

These colors and labels will affect the other machines when syncing.
And again, this is really only problematic if you are syning with others.

Strange… I thought the reason I don’t have the highlighting synchronized is because I haven’t turned on the option. I just checked that both computers are running macOS 10.14.5 and both have DT3b5, the option is turned-on by default on both computers, and both are logged-in under my same user account.
The Labels are sync, but the highlighting colours are not. I have changed the highlighting colours on my main computer quite a bit, does that matter?

Only labels are synchronized, highlighting isn’t.

Can we use the copy .plist method to carry highlighting preference over? Just trying to avoid having to input the exact colour code one-by-one from one computer to another (and more if I change the colour a bit later…)

It’s possible but I wouldn’t recommend this regularly, e.g. window & user interface settings from one computer might be undesired on another one.

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Got it. Thanks for the reminder.