Devonthink 3 request

It would be nice to add reminders to Todoist!!!

This might be scriptable (if Todoist supports scripting).

It would be perfect to have an option for reminders also in a new note (take note) pane, i.e along with existing Info [(un)read, lock, flag, … mark …]

I’m not very good in scripting, but it is possible to add a task using email.
look to

How to implement this in DT3?

It would be nice to have checkboxes in the tasklists…

You would have to script your email client (DEVONthink can’t send emails on its own). But of course only if Todoist shouldn’t be scriptable (can’t check it right now because the crappy App Store can’t install it and doesn’t even provide any feedback, LOL)

Emailing from DT would not be an efficient mechanism.

I already have a core Reminders to Todoist script. We will discuss offering this at some point.

I would apply to be a beta tester of that script :slight_smile:

I still miss the ToDoist intergratiion in beta 4 :frowning:

There is no planned integration with ToDoist. It is merely a script we could offer. If you look at the release notes for public beta 4, you’ll see a tremendous amount of work was done, work that is prioritized. Please be patient. Thanks.