DEVONthink 3 + ScansSnap - Rename via Textmark

I am new to the game but already love my setup with DT3 and DT2Go.
I am thinking about getting a ScanSnap scanner to further optimize the flow.

What I desire is the following, but I am not sure if that is even possible:
I would like to textmark i.e. the headline of a document and scan it via ScanSnap to get it into my DT3 Inbox with the name: “YYYY-MM-DD textmarked word

  1. Is that possible?
  2. Does my Macbook have to run during scanning?

Thanks a lot for my Newbie questions!


No, I don’t think so

Are you sure? I have a ScanSnap (but didn’t have time to actually use it, apart from some quick test scans) and think they are capable of detecting marked (i.e. highlighted) text. If that’s true then there would probably be a way to somehow use these highlights.

According to ScanSnap they are definitely capable to detect textmarked words and - I think - convert them to tags.
But I don‘t know if there is a way to create the documents name by that and if it works as desired —> scan it and find it in my Inbox without taking any other steps

Would be great if the community could share their experience!


But I am not sure if that works with bypassing the mac and any other steps.

What iI want is scan and find it in my inbox.

It was definitely too early for me … I was thinking more along the lines “Does DT recognize highlighted text in a PDF”, when I wrote “No”. So apparently this ScanSnap software is able to do what you want.

If, as they say, they add the highlighted text as a keyword to the PDF (i.e. in a PDF meta data field), you should be able to extract this field and use it to set the file name in DT. I’m not sure if that’s possible with a smart rule alone or if you’d need a bit of script code, too.


Great - thanks for the reply.
I wonder if that concept is not widely used - seems logical to me.
I might buy the scanner and try it but I don’t have any experience in scripting - maybe I’ll have to come back for advice!

I guess that many people who want automation don’t want to mark up their documents manually before. I’d rather do OCR on the Mac and then extract the relevant data from the PDF to change names etc. But then I receive mostly the same kind of documents: account statements, utility bills, that stuff. So the content is similar and easily identifiable. Which helps when automating.


Welcome @danimal
This is the first mention of this I can recall. You’re also referring to the older software produced by Fujitsu. ScanSnap Manager was replaced by ScanSnap Home (for better or worse) and I see no function or mention of this here. However, I just have an iX100 so perhaps it would be different with a higher-level ScanSnap.