DEVONthink 3 sorter feature request

A small feature request for the new sorter in DT3 (which is amazing!) Would it be possible to have a character counter in the sorter when entering a note? This would be useful for eg. twitter.

Thanks for your feedback. I will include it in our list of possible additions however it is unlikely to be included in the initial v3 release

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Welcome @wjm

Interesting, but I’m curious. The Take Note function generally is for adding files to DEVONthink. Are you using it just as a scratch pad for general use?

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@aedwards @BLUEFROG thanks for your replies. At the moment I have two menu bar apps that allow adding notes—the DT3 sorter and another “scratchpad” app (which I use for tweeting, etc). Having the DT3 sorter (optionally?) display a character count would allow me to ditch the other one :slight_smile: