Devonthink 3, take notes, using templates?

Hi, super happy new owner of devonthink 3. Im wondering if the quick takenote funtion at the toolbar can include an option for my template? There is only 4 formats now.

Thanks for the nice feedback.

Sorry but no, the Take Note function can’t load templates at this time.

While the Take Note functionality doesn’t support templates, it’s easy enough to cobble something together in TextExpander, or similar. Or I suspect that you could come up with something even more sophisticated in Keyboard Maestro, depending on what your intentions are.

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Awesome, keyboard maestro looks good!

I think Ive asked this before, but im going to be sneaky and ask if there could be a shortcut to bring me the editor window after creating new file, like a cmd+1 will be so nice.

Should be possible with a Smart Rule

cool, will try it out

OH WOW! Thank so much for taking the time. :slight_smile:

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I figured out a simple way. Using bettertouchtool or some macro. shift+ctrl+tab 4 times and map it to a shortcut. It will bring u to the editor after naming the new text file.