DEVONthink 3 – The Sorter

Thanks Ed, yeah not in a rush or anything.

Thanks again.

BTW, what you’ve done with the Sorter is nothing less than amazing! Thank you very much!

I would like to add my remarks regarding the Sorter.

I couldn’t find any way to add an Inbox of a database. This was possible with V2.

The inboxes of all open databases are displayed but I want to have the inbox displayed permanently no matter whether the database is open or not.

I don’t want to use the General inbox. It gets too clumsy if everything goes there.

For me this was the reason to return to V2.

I couldn’t find any way to add an Inbox of a database. This was possible with V2.

You can’t manually add items to the Sorter. You could add a group in an Inbox and put that in your Favorites for a bit quicker access. However, it will not be available unless the database is open.

Agreed. One of the better features of this program.


Thanks works fine now. :slight_smile:

Totally agree please bring back the sorter standalone !!!


Welcome @carlostico

It’s under consideration but probably unlikely. But the request is noted.

One more vote! Yes, if possible bring it back!
Would like this too, so long it will not change anything from what we current have.

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Yet another vote for the standalone sorter! If not for 3.0, I urge you to put it on your roadmap. It’s a huge loss in the midst of an otherwise wonderful upgrade.

What I really want, of course, is an always on, always available sorter. If the sorter is dependent on the main program, as it currently is, that means an always running DT. I’m pleased to see from iStats Menu and Activity Monitor that DT looks to be really light on the system when it’s running and not the active application.

What downsides does anyone see to having DT always running?

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What downsides does anyone see to having DT always running?
—not everyone has a speedy, brand new system, and having various programs open at the same time could cause a slowdown
—the fear of having a valuable database, representing years of work being always on in a region where lightning strikes or powerful storms can lead to a loss of data (just happened here an hour ago; luckily, DT was not open)
—having the sorter available on the side/menu icon makes it easier to drag/drop exactly into the inbox I choose, without having to wait for the program to open
This was one of those little features that became part of my workflow over the past 5 or so years


Agree 100% on this … I just can’t !! This new version is good but without the stand alone sorter it doesn’t make sense for my workflow , downgrading right now to the old version until further notice.

I think the new menu bar sorter is way better than the old sorter. Another reason to upgrade.

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I find the new sorter is so much easier to use, and more functional. If launching the main app gives me that improvement, then I’m all for it. I prefer not having a hidden app constantly running in the background.

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omg this was like the most important feature of the program. i can’t believe its gone.


I agree.

Even if not part of DT3 it is possible to substitute the functionality of the current sorter by having a folder watched by hazel or an automator folder action to import content to DT inbox. I see that changing workflows is not an easy or othewise welcomed path for everyone. But giving it a try May leed to unexpected value, as it did in my case.

You could also index a folder, smart rules could move the indexed items into the database.



Zoom in the note field of the sorter would be great – and an adjustable Sorter window, too! I type text into it and can just see a few lines of it.